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Since 2012 our clients have benefited from our professional consulting services. As a leading Educational Consultant based internationally, we’ve guided clients through important decisions and changes. At Pathways To Success, we’ve managed to transform the lives of our clients through a number of services catered to suit their specific needs. See what our clients have to say and contact us today.
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Judith Anthony
American International School of Abuja
Class of 2020
Abuja, Nigeria

"Mrs. Abban has played a pivotal role in my search for colleges and scholarship opportunities. We were first introduced in the summer of 2018 and ever since then she has been nothing less than a blessing and tremendous help to me. She introduced me to college counselors, made research and inquiries about colleges and scholarship opportunities. She even paid my very first application fee for a couple of  Historical Black Universities. Mrs. Abban never failed to share with me any news she felt would be beneficial in my search for scholarships, she helped better my knowledge and scholarship application skills. Working with Mrs. Abban has instilled a level of confidence within me, I feel a thousand steps closer to my college dreams. Ever since the 11th grade, Mrs. Abban has been guiding me and providing me with every support I need. She’s always letting me know that everything will be fine and that there’s always a way. Now I’m a high school graduate, who is still looking for wonderful scholarship opportunities and Mrs. Abban is still here, guiding me every step of the way."

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Betty Luo
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

"Mrs. Abban is one of the most reliable, encouraging and knowledgeable persons I know.  She gave me a lot of professional advice on university applications based on my own personality, learning style, and pursuits.  She was my strongest mental support as I transitioned into university and encouraged me to challenge and trust myself.  I am grateful for her help and guidance during my college application process."

Ruonan Yao
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee

"Kisha dedicates herself to the growth of all students and families she comes in contact with.  I was fortunate to witness this as her assistant while she worked in China and was blessed to see it when she helped me to apply to Vanderbilt University.  She assisted with career counseling and my application to the graduate program.  I will always be grateful for her help and helping me to accomplish my dreams."

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Joseph Kaycee Quao
Summer 2021
Accra, Ghana

"I began working with Ms. Kisha during the summer of 2021. She wholeheartedly dedicated her time and effort to assist me in my college search and guide me through my college application process. In addition, Ms. Kisha showed me how to craft a creative college essay that demonstrated the “why factor.” She provided resources to inspire and serve as exemplars to guide and enhance my writing. Whenever I sent her a message requesting help, she always responded with advice. I admired her constructive feedback because she involved you in the revision process to understand the reason behind what needed to change or be rephrased; this will be a skill that will help me when I get to college. 

 While working with her, I saw a transformation within my writing style and felt confident that I had written a great college admissions essay. In addition, my time with her included other areas of the college application process, such as learning about Historical Black Colleges and Universities, finding and applying for scholarships, and transitioning to college life in America. Working with Madam Kisha has been a tremendous experience."




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